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Portable Hydraulic Screening Buckets
Why spend $40,000 or more on a screening plant to produce 40-60 yards per hour when a 1 yard REMU Screening Bucket can do the same at the fraction of the cost? Let a REMU screening bucket help save you money today!

Ken Burns Inc., is the Midwest REMU dealer. One of REMU's products is a screening attachment which will fit on most skid steers, wheel loaders and excavators. Big Float is another peice of equipment that REMU manufactures which is an amphibious excavator. The final piece of equipment REMU offers is the Combi Plant which is a portable screening plant.


The most important property of the REMU screening buckets is effectiveness with difficult and wet materials. Thanks to its unique structure of rotating discs/blades and cleaning scrapers REMU screens are also suited well with materials with high content of clay.


The REMU screen genuinely separates fine and coarse material and it does not crush bigger particles to the separated material as sharp fires.

When crushing is needed REMU offers also crushing/shredding bucket for the bricks, wood, asphalt glass etc.

  • Finest grain size 1/2"
  • Double axis expand life time of bearing
  • Lowest maintenance cost


The REMU screening buckets, which are screening attachments, are available from the mini diggers and small skid steers to big excavators and to wheel loaders. Typical the volume of the REMU screening bucket varies between 0,15 and 8,4 yd³ and the weight between 300 and 11,600 pounds. Standard REMU screening buckets could reach the capacity of 300 yd³/h. To the special order even bigger screening buckets are available.


REMU Big Float

A new type of machine for marshlands and shallow-water areas Three different sizes with 11, 14 and 21-ton excavators for:

  • technical jobs in areas covered with water
  • construction and maintenance of waterways
  • restoration and treatment of recreational areas and sanctuaries
  • prevention of flood damage
  • landscaping
  • cleaning and building shorelines - lakes, rivers, seas and canals
  • building drainage trenches on wetland, swamps and industrial waste areas
  • cleaning settlement pools, managing waste ponds, nature preservation projects
Padding Pipelines
REMU Breaking Up Salt